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Enduring Power of Attorney EPoA Qld

What is an Enduring Power of Attorney? An enduring power of attorney is one of the most powerful documents you can ever sign. If you […]

Thank you for shopping local small business sign in window

Due diligence, business structures and contracts – some important considerations when buying a business.

Separation of paperclips joined together in link

Relationship breakdowns can be incredibly stressful. Considering separation? Here are some key considerations.


Learn more about how a legal professional can assist your employment dispute


With an ageing population comes a variety of legal considerations…


In this blog, learn more about recovering minor debts of $25,000 or less.


In this blog, we cover the duty of disclosure when a dispute involves parenting issues.

Man holding papers

Learn more about your duty of disclosure in Family Law property matters.


What is a genuine redundancy and when can a redundancy lead to unfair dismissal?


Thanks to legislative updates, much of the conveyancing process can be done online. So how does it work?


The costs of residential aged care can be summed up in three main categories.


What is a Statutory Will and what has led to this development in the law?


Why you should make your wishes clear with a binding death benefit nomination in your super


What is the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility and what decisions does it apply to?


Domestic violence support in Ipswich and where those impacted by domestic violence can turn for help


We discuss the benefits of mediation in family law matters and how the process works


What to bring, what questions you will asked and what you should do before your appointment


In our previous post, we covered what happens to your social media accounts after you die. This time, we explore what happens with your Google & […]


Dealing with the social media accounts of a loved one after they pass can be a daunting and confusing process. More people will need to […]


Changes in employment, schooling and the general increase in anxiety caused by the current climate have prompted a rise in family tensions. Parents who are […]


In our latest blog, we answer a topical question during the COVID-19 pandemic – when can an employee be stood down?  Under the Fair Work […]


One impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is that many people have prioritised making or reviewing their current Will. Formalising your wishes in a Will can […]


This week in Keeping it Legal, we want to discuss formal identification (ID) requirements in the time of COVID-19.  For many legal processes, such as […]


THERE have always been loans and gifts between family members, often between a parent and a child or children. These payments are rarely documented and […]


LATELY, Queensland has been subjected to a number of bush fires which has put all our firefighters under substantial strain. While some of these bushfires […]


EVERY adult should have a current enduring power of attorney. Most do not and while older people are now making powers of attorney, we are […]

PEOPLE usually understand the importance of having a Will although statistics say that most Australians don’t have one. If you don’t have a Will then […]

THE Criminal Code (Non-consensual Sharing of Intimate Images) Amendment Act 2019 makes it an offence for a person to “distribute, or threaten to distribute, an […]

LAST week, we mentioned that where parents cannot agree, a judge will give consideration to allowing or preventing children to travel overseas. Upon considering any […]

THERE can often be an argument between parents as to whether a child or children should be allowed to travel overseas and the ability for […]

ACCORDING to WorkCover Queensland and Workplace Health and Safety, “sprains and strains account for more than 60 per cent of non-fatal workers’ compensation claims. “The […]

IT IS a common occurrence – sounding the horn in a motor vehicle when you arrive at or leave someone’s house. Did you ever stop […]

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (“Act”) sets out some key duties and includes addressing risks of injury, illness or death caused by hazardous […]

THERE were changes to the Land Title Act 1994 (“LTA”) and Land Act 1994 (“LA”) recently increasing verification of identity (“VOI”) requirements for the witnessing […]

CAN you record a private conversation? Interestingly, whether or not it is illegal to record a private conversation depends on the legislation governing that topic. […]

CAN you believe September is almost over? October is sneaking up on us and there are some important changes happening in the Queensland Titles Office […]

ON JUNE 21, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (“ACCC”) issued a media release urging consumers to be more cautious when undertaking DIY maintenance on […]

DID you hear about the “lemon laws”? They were passed by the State Parliament in April 2019 in the form of the Queensland Civil and […]

I HAVE been talking about tradie health over the past couple of weeks. It is only through continual discussion, education and action that we, as […]

WE CONTINUE to recognise that August is Tradies National Health Month; a time to raise awareness of the risks posed to those in our community […]

AUGUST is Tradies National Health Month. We have a lot of tradies in our community and keeping them safe at work is important. Over the […]

MY ARTICLE last week and this week covers four of the most common causes of rural accidents and injuries. The information regarding common causes of […]

I AM going to stay with the topic of farm safety a little longer. Specifically, over two weeks, I will identify four of the most […]

NATIONAL Farm Safety Week came to an end on July 26, but farm safety is an ongoing issue and should be at the front of […]

THIS week, I continue my discussion on farm-specific safety matters in light of National Farm Safety Week and I want to talk about the importance […]

FARMSAFE Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that assists in the co-ordination of initiatives specifically focused on raising awareness of (and helping to address) safety issues […]

GIFT cards are quite popular and are sold by many businesses. Many of us have purchased or received a gift card – they are a […]

THE consumer laws (“ACL”) require that consumers be provided with certain guarantees for most consumer goods and services they purchase. These are separate to any […]

THE consumer laws (ACL) create a general prohibition against engaging in unconscionable conduct in trade or commerce. They also create a prohibition against such conduct […]

THE consumer laws (ACL) provide various protections and set standards of business conduct in commercial transactions. Chapter 2 deals with standards of business conduct aimed […]

Single Touch Payroll is a way of sending tax and super information to the ATO from your payroll or accounting software each time you pay […]

Latest impressions of CBD redevelopment. IPSWICH residents have been given a fresh perspective on the CBD redevelopment with the release of new drawings of the […]

LAST week’s article briefly introduced the consumer laws – the ACL. Over the coming weeks I will share information about the ACL, how it operates […]

‘‘Generally, a consumer is someone who has acquired goods or services of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use… AUSTRALIAN consumers are […]

IN CERTAIN circumstances your employer must contribute to your superannuation. Whether you are currently employed, previously employed or soon to be employed, you need to […]

IN THE past two weeks I have looked at General Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney. Both are formal documents that give another […]

TODAY is the second article in a series of three regarding the types of authority you can legally give to another person to make decisions […]

THERE are times in life when we need to give another person authority to make decisions on our behalf. Giving power to another person to […]

OVER the past couple of weeks, I have been talking about the relevance of social media posts in the context of family law disputes, in […]

LAST week, I spoke about Facebook as a platform for domestic violence. This week, I want to touch on the relevance of social media to […]

USUALLY when people think of domestic violence, they think of physical abuse, but did you know it can include online acts and conduct? The most […]

QUAD bike safety is an important topic. This is particularly so in our community where there are farms and rural workplaces that often use quad […]

LAST week I spoke about an employer’s duty to manage risks to the mental health of its workers. Of course, an employer must also manage […]

AN EMPLOYER has a duty to manage risks to the mental health of its workers. It arises under both common law and Queensland legislation, primarily […]

AS BUSY individuals, we sometimes pay cleaners, babysitters, gardeners and others to help us at home. There is a common misconception these people are always […]

I WOULD be surprised if combustible cladding is a term you have never heard. The tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 was a […]

A “WILL” is a legal document stating your wishes regarding the division of your estate, that is, your money and assets, after you pass. You […]

A cornerstone of the Common Law upon which the Australian Legal System is based is the “presumption of innocence”. This means of course that if […]

I OFTEN receive inquiries from businesses or individuals that are owed a debt. Generally, by the time I receive a call, they have made numerous […]

THE Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (QBCC Act) and Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) define “notifiable incidents” as the death […]

MOST individuals and small businesses are consumers of financial services and products provided by banks, insurers or other providers. Until recently, complaints regarding unfair treatment […]

DID you purchase a “portable” pool/spa to help get you through summer? If so, Queensland’s pool safety laws under the Building Act 1975 (Act) may […]

I AM pleased to bring you the first publication of Keeping it Legal, a weekly article on a range of legal topics relevant to individuals […]

Pender Accounting Group are a registered tax agent and we take our business seriously. The Australian Taxation Office have been receiving and increasing number of […]

In business, what is your most important asset? Over the years I have attended many seminars and business meetings to try to find the ‘key’ […]

Gerard Pender is a well-known local figure in the Ipswich community. He is a well-regarded lawyer and community member, and one of the quiet achievers. […]

How often have you said that to yourself? I have often heard friends, family and clients say this to me – I have been discussing […]

Many clients view Advance Health Directives as complicated, daunting documents that force them to make unpleasant decisions. Unfortunately, the nature of an Advance Health Directive […]

Scammers are a common problem these days, whether its by phone, email, post or knocking on your front door. They will try anything. Lately Pender […]

In a recent well publicised Court decision, the Court in Queensland determined that a Will made by text message was valid and enforceable. This was after […]

If you would like to subscribe to receive our mail-outs please send an email to mail@walkerpender.com.au with the subject heading ‘Email Subscription’ along with the […]