Verification of identity during COVID-19

This week in Keeping it Legal, we want to discuss formal identification (ID) requirements in the time of COVID-19. For many legal processes, such as writing your Will or purchasing a property, there is a verification of identity process that must be followed, usually requiring your lawyer to physically view two forms of your photo identification. Your ability to provide … Read More

Walker PenderVerification of identity during COVID-19

Title deeds only worth the paper they’re written on

CAN you believe September is almost over? October is sneaking up on us and there are some important changes happening in the Queensland Titles Office in October that you need to be aware of. Currently, there are approximately 11 per cent of titles in Queensland for which a paper certificate of title exists (also known as “title deeds”). Those certificates … Read More

Walker PenderTitle deeds only worth the paper they’re written on

New cladding laws for private building owners

I WOULD be surprised if combustible cladding is a term you have never heard. The tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 was a catalyst for the increased media focus on cladding, but it certainly was not the first event of its kind. Part 4A of Queensland’s Building Regulation 2006 was introduced by the Building and Other Legislation Cladding … Read More

Walker PenderNew cladding laws for private building owners

Are you Breaching Pool Safety Laws?

DID you purchase a “portable” pool/spa to help get you through summer? If so, Queensland’s pool safety laws under the Building Act 1975 (Act) may apply. If the structure is capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm or more, has a volume of no more than 2000 litres and has no filtration system, then it may … Read More

Walker PenderAre you Breaching Pool Safety Laws?

Have you Checked on your PPSR Registrations?

I AM pleased to bring you the first publication of Keeping it Legal, a weekly article on a range of legal topics relevant to individuals and businesses. I am grateful to Walker Pender Group Lawyers and The Queensland Times for supporting this project, aimed at adding value to the community through sharing of legal information. I invite readers to email … Read More

Walker PenderHave you Checked on your PPSR Registrations?