Let’s talk about quad bike safety

QUAD bike safety is an important topic. This is particularly so in our community where there are farms and rural workplaces that often use quad bikes. The reality is that quad bikes are a major risk area for serious injury or death. Safe Work Australia compiles the data relating to quad bike fatalities. In the eight years from 2011 to … Read More

Walker PenderLet’s talk about quad bike safety

Employer and individual liability for workplace safety

LAST week I spoke about an employer’s duty to manage risks to the mental health of its workers. Of course, an employer must also manage risks to their workers’ physical safety. If they fail to comply with their obligations, the employer is at risk of being prosecuted by Workplace Health and Safety (“WHS”). This may include the individual with responsibility … Read More

Walker PenderEmployer and individual liability for workplace safety

Mental health in the workplace

AN EMPLOYER has a duty to manage risks to the mental health of its workers. It arises under both common law and Queensland legislation, primarily the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. If you are an employer you need to ensure your workplace is mentally healthy and that you are adequately managing risks within your organisation to the mental health … Read More

Walker PenderMental health in the workplace

Household Worker insurance?

AS BUSY individuals, we sometimes pay cleaners, babysitters, gardeners and others to help us at home. There is a common misconception these people are always contractors, as opposed to employees. But that may not be the case. You have a duty of care to entrants on your property to take reasonable steps to avoid exposing them to risk of injury. … Read More

Walker PenderHousehold Worker insurance?