Sprains and strains a pain for everyone

ACCORDING to WorkCover Queensland and Workplace Health and Safety, “sprains and strains account for more than 60 per cent of non-fatal workers’ compensation claims. “The two most common causes are hazardous manual tasks and slips, trips and falls at levels.” This clearly represents a significant portion of workplace injuries and an area that Workplace Health and Safety has identified as … Read More

Walker PenderSprains and strains a pain for everyone

National Farm Safety Awareness Week

FARMSAFE Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that assists in the co-ordination of initiatives specifically focused on raising awareness of (and helping to address) safety issues specific to our farms. One of Farmsafe’s annual initiatives is National Farm Safety Week. It provides a platform to raise awareness of farm specific safety issues with a national focus. This year National Farm Safety … Read More

Walker PenderNational Farm Safety Awareness Week