Buying and selling property is something most people will have experience with during their life. The legal process relating to buying and selling process is called conveyancing and thanks to legislative updates in 2010, a part of the process can now completed online. What  is  e-conveyancing? Since 2010, Queensland solicitors have been able to complete the property settlement process electronically … Read More

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The costs of Residential Aged Care

Understanding the fees associated with residential aged care can be daunting, particularly with looming due dates or the inevitable pressures associated with such a major life decision. The costs can be generally summed up in three main categories: the basic daily fee any income tested fees, and the accommodation payments. Basic daily fee The basic daily fee is an amount … Read More

Walker PenderThe costs of Residential Aged Care

What is a Statutory Will?

Australia has an ageing population and there are an increasing number of people living longer with cognitive conditions, such as dementia. Legal issues posed by this have led to many developments in the law, one being the use of Statutory Wills. A Statutory Will is a Will made by the courts on behalf of a person who lacks testamentary capacity. … Read More

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Binding Death Benefit Nomination

Superannuation can be a significant asset for many people and for some, it represents the larger part of their Estate. However, superannuation benefits don’t automatically flow to your Estate when you die. They are instead are distributed by the Trustee of the superannuation fund based on the rules of the fund and the relevant superannuation law. While this is the … Read More

Walker PenderBinding Death Benefit Nomination