Domestic violence support

women holding hand out, saying stop domestic violence

During recent times we have all spent a considerable amount of time at home but for some, home is not the safest place.  We discuss domestic violence support and where those impacted by domestic violence can turn for help.

By many accounts, requests for domestic violence support have spiked and are expected to increase even as the COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease. For those experiencing domestic violence, the legal system can provide some support by way of a Protection order. Applications can be made by the police or by an individual who can attend at their local magistrate court. A lawyer can assist you in drafting that application.


For immediate support, those impacted by DV can turn to the police. Otherwise, there is a multitude of organisations accessible to our community offering free or low-cost support.  The services offered by these organisations include advice and information, counselling, emergency accommodation, expert referral, court support and a host of other services.

To speak with an experienced professional regarding domestic violence and how you can access all necessary personal and legal services, please contact us.

*The legal information in this article is of a general nature only and not intended to be legal advice to rely upon

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