Mental health in the workplace

AN EMPLOYER has a duty to manage risks to the mental health of its workers. It arises under both common law and Queensland legislation, primarily the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. If you are an employer you need to ensure your workplace is mentally healthy and that you are adequately managing risks within your organisation to the mental health … Read More

Walker PenderMental health in the workplace

Household Worker insurance?

AS BUSY individuals, we sometimes pay cleaners, babysitters, gardeners and others to help us at home. There is a common misconception these people are always contractors, as opposed to employees. But that may not be the case. You have a duty of care to entrants on your property to take reasonable steps to avoid exposing them to risk of injury. … Read More

Walker PenderHousehold Worker insurance?

New cladding laws for private building owners

I WOULD be surprised if combustible cladding is a term you have never heard. The tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 was a catalyst for the increased media focus on cladding, but it certainly was not the first event of its kind. Part 4A of Queensland’s Building Regulation 2006 was introduced by the Building and Other Legislation Cladding … Read More

Walker PenderNew cladding laws for private building owners

Wills – what are they and why you should have one

A “WILL” is a legal document stating your wishes regarding the division of your estate, that is, your money and assets, after you pass. You also appoint someone to administer your estate, known as an Executor, usually a family member, close friend or legal advisor. If you die without a Will, this is called dying intestate and your estate will … Read More

Walker PenderWills – what are they and why you should have one