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What is a Statutory Will?

Australia has an ageing population and there are an increasing number of people living longer with cognitive conditions, such as dementia. Legal issues posed by this have led to many developments in the law, one being the use of Statutory Wills. A Statutory Will is a Will made by the courts on behalf of a person who lacks testamentary capacity. … Read More

Walker PenderWhat is a Statutory Will?

Binding Death Benefit Nomination

Superannuation can be a significant asset for many people and for some, it represents the larger part of their Estate. However, superannuation benefits don’t automatically flow to your Estate when you die. They are instead are distributed by the Trustee of the superannuation fund based on the rules of the fund and the relevant superannuation law. While this is the … Read More

Walker PenderBinding Death Benefit Nomination

What is equal shared parental responsibility?

In parenting matters, the law presumes that is it in the best interests of a child for their parents to have equal shared parental responsibility for making decisions in relation to their child or children, unless there is evidence of domestic violence or abuse.  So what is equal shared parental responsibility? Parental responsibility covers the usual decisions, powers and responsibilities … Read More

Walker PenderWhat is equal shared parental responsibility?

Domestic violence support

During recent times we have all spent a considerable amount of time at home but for some, home is not the safest place.  We discuss domestic violence support and where those impacted by domestic violence can turn for help. By many accounts, requests for domestic violence support have spiked and are expected to increase even as the COVID-19 restrictions continue … Read More

Walker PenderDomestic violence support

Benefits of mediation

Often people assume that mediation or Family dispute resolution is only relevant to family law matters involving children, but this is not the case. For parenting matters mediation is compulsory, and in property matters it is highly recommended. Why mediation? First and foremost, mediation can represent an economical option compared with litigating a dispute through the courts. Not only does … Read More

Walker PenderBenefits of mediation

What to expect at your first Family Law appointment

Scheduling an appointment to discuss a family law matter can be daunting, at an already tense time. To help lift some of the mystery and provide some peace of mind, we’ve put together a guide of what to expect at your first appointment. What to bring? It’s important to bring with you two forms of photo identification (preferably your driver … Read More

Walker PenderWhat to expect at your first Family Law appointment

Digital accounts: what happens after you die?

  In our previous post, we covered what happens to your social media accounts after you die. This time, we explore what happens with your Google & Apple accounts and how you can clarify your wishes when it comes to your digital identity. Google As with Facebook, Google allows you to make provisions for what is to happen to your account … Read More

Walker PenderDigital accounts: what happens after you die?

Social media: what happens after you die?

Dealing with the social media accounts of a loved one after they pass can be a daunting and confusing process. More people will need to face this challenge into the future, so we ask: ever wondered what will happen to your social media accounts after you die? Facebook There are a few options regarding what will happen to your Facebook … Read More

Walker PenderSocial media: what happens after you die?

Parenting during restrictions

Changes in employment, schooling and the general increase in anxiety caused by the current climate have prompted a rise in family tensions. Parents who are separated and have shared care of their children are not immune. In this blog, we discuss how restrictions could have an impact on parenting arrangements. When the usual points of changeover are closed or inaccessible … Read More

Walker PenderParenting during restrictions

When can an employee be stood down?

In our latest blog, we answer a topical question during the COVID-19 pandemic – when can an employee be stood down? Under the Fair Work Act, an employer can stand down an employee without pay in certain circumstances if the employee cannot be otherwise usefully employed. This includes when it is for a reason the employer is not responsible for. … Read More

Walker PenderWhen can an employee be stood down?