Ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. Wills, Estate Planning and Powers of Attorneys may sound daunting, but they’re designed to ensure all your plans are effectively managed as you see fit. One of our experienced solicitors will be happy to assist you in the planning, writing or rewriting of these documents, at a time most convenient to you, in a friendly and understanding environment.


No one should underestimate the value of planning, both throughout your lifetime and following. Do you know what will happen to your assets? If you have an effective Legal Will your wishes will be followed, if you don’t the distribution may not be as you intended or desired. A Will allows you to decide how your possessions and property are to be distributed. Never compromise on quality for such an important life decision that will affect you and your family.


All of your possessions, both assets and unfinished business, form the whole of your Estate. At WALKER PENDER GROUP PTY LTD we are highly skilled in the administration of deceased estates. We believe effective planning for the future forms part of our service to ensure the maximum level of assets are available following your death and to ensure that your directions are followed in the manner you wish. With a wealth of experience, our staff will not only assist in the administration of deceased estates, they help people plan for the future to ensure the maximum money is available after a Person’s death and is directed in the manner you may wish.

When necessary WALKER PENDER GROUP PTY LTD is able to interpret Wills, in court proceedings, to protect the rights of beneficiaries and family members. WALKER PENDER GROUP PTY LTD takes pride in offering professionally drawn Wills and Powers of Attorney at competitive prices.


What would you do if you no longer had the ability to manage your personal and financial affairs? Safeguard against this situation with the appointment of a Power of Attorney in consultation with your solicitor. An Enduring Power of Attorney may be appointed to manage your affairs and make decisions on your behalf, should a sudden illness, severe accident or declining mental capacity affect you. It allows you to appoint someone of your choice, who you trust. While you still can, make an Enduring Power of Attorney – it will provide piece of mind.

Come and see us today at Level 1/28 Ipswich City Mall, or contact us on (07) 3813 7888 and we will assist you in your estate planning matters.

For some helpful hints on what you may need see our flyer: What to do after the death of a loved one.

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