Consumer laws – get the most from your gift cards

GIFT cards are quite popular and are sold by many businesses. Many of us have purchased or received a gift card – they are a great option for birthday or Christmas presents. I am sure that at least some of us (myself included) have lost the value of the card by failing to redeem it before it expires. Traditionally, most … Read More

Walker PenderConsumer laws – get the most from your gift cards

Consumer laws and protections explained: Part 5

THE consumer laws (“ACL”) require that consumers be provided with certain guarantees for most consumer goods and services they purchase. These are separate to any store bought or issued warranty. The guarantees are like a set of rules that come with the purchase of services or products and are designed to protect the consumer. They cannot be restricted, excluded, limited … Read More

Walker PenderConsumer laws and protections explained: Part 5

Consumer protection from unconscionable conduct

THE consumer laws (ACL) create a general prohibition against engaging in unconscionable conduct in trade or commerce. They also create a prohibition against such conduct in connection with the supply of goods or services to consumers. Unconscionable conduct is not defined in the ACL but is generally understood to mean conduct which is so harsh or unreasonable that it defies … Read More

Walker PenderConsumer protection from unconscionable conduct

Misleading and deceptive conduct is against the law

THE consumer laws (ACL) provide various protections and set standards of business conduct in commercial transactions. Chapter 2 deals with standards of business conduct aimed at protecting consumers, including a general prohibition on engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct and unconscionable conduct. There are also unfair contract term protections for consumer contracts. Section 18 of the ACL prohibits misleading or … Read More

Walker PenderMisleading and deceptive conduct is against the law

Consumer laws and protections

LAST week’s article briefly introduced the consumer laws – the ACL. Over the coming weeks I will share information about the ACL, how it operates and how it protects consumers. While there are legal protections and guarantees relating specifically to financial products and services also, these are covered under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001, (regulated by the … Read More

Walker PenderConsumer laws and protections