Taxation – Late Lodgement

The Tax Office can impose penalties for lodging documents late with them. These include: (1) Activity Statements; (2) Tax Returns; (3) Tax Payment Annual Report; (4) Pay as You Go (PAYG) Annual Report; (5) Annual goods and service tax (GST) return; (6) Annual GST information report; and (7) Fringe Benefits Tax Return For small business operators, the penalties can be … Read More

Walker PenderTaxation – Late Lodgement

Why Should I Participate in Mediation

Mediation has always been the cost effective way to work out disputes with neighbours, work colleagues and family members. The Queensland Government recently reported that they have handled more than 52,000 disputes over the last 25 years. By taking these issues to mediation the costs and impacts on the community have been reduced, with less cases proceeding to court. Mediation … Read More

Walker PenderWhy Should I Participate in Mediation

Duty Lawyer for Domestic Violence Applications

Walker Pender Group lawyers have been selected to act as a duty lawyer in Ipswich Magistrates court with regards to domestic violence hearings. As duty lawyer, our solicitors will be present outside the domestic violence court on allocated days in order to advise members of the public appearing before the court that day either as an applicant or as a … Read More

Walker PenderDuty Lawyer for Domestic Violence Applications

Superannuation & Binding Death Benefit Nominations

Superannuation is becoming our largest asset. It is a complex form of property and no less so on death. 7 January 2016. Federal government laws and superannuation fund rules allow members to make written nominations as to who receives their superannuation upon death. It is important that these nominations are consistent with members’ wills and if they are not, that … Read More

Walker PenderSuperannuation & Binding Death Benefit Nominations

Drink Driving and Work Licence Applications

21 December 2015. Queensland law requires a Court to impose a disqualification from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence for any offence of drink driving. Mandatory disqualification periods apply according to one’s history, if any, for drink driving and the reading (blood alcohol content) involved. The importance of being able to drive to and from work or during the course … Read More

Walker PenderDrink Driving and Work Licence Applications

Bullying in the Spotlight

15 December 2015. Workplace bullying is again firmly in the spotlight following a recent decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). The decision, the first under the 2014 anti-bullying legislation, shows that the Commission was willing to make broad and far-reaching orders to prevent bullying. This should serve as a warning for employers and encouragement for workers who believe they … Read More

Walker PenderBullying in the Spotlight

Restoring the Rights of Injured Workers

11 December 2015. The Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Act has again been amended in line with the commitment of the Labor Government in Queensland to restore the rights of injured workers following the reduction of rights by the requirement to have a greater than 5% impairment as a threshold to making a claim which was introduced by the last Government … Read More

Walker PenderRestoring the Rights of Injured Workers

More Domestic Violence Victims Empowered to Come Forward

25 November 2015. White Ribbon Day provides us with the opportunity to show our support for the elimination of violence against women and reminds us of the important issues of domestic violence. In Australia there has been significant media attention around this topic recently. The Queensland Government responded in September by implementing changes to domestic violence laws. As more people … Read More

Walker PenderMore Domestic Violence Victims Empowered to Come Forward

Proposed Changes to Lockout Laws

5 November 2015. Recent research into the impact Sydney lockout laws have had on the number of drinking related life-threatening injuries could assist in the implementation of new lockout laws for Queensland. The findings revealed that category 1 and 2 admissions decreased by 25% at the St Vincent Hospital emergency department after the new laws were implemented in New South … Read More

Walker PenderProposed Changes to Lockout Laws

Unfair Dismissal

Unfair dismissal is the termination of an employee’s position in a harsh or unreasonable way which can lead to penalties for the employer (not to mention the damaging of an organisation’s reputation). It is for this reason that is important for Employers to ensure they comply with current standards in relation to employment issues. For small businesses (less than 15 … Read More

Walker PenderUnfair Dismissal