Scam Alerts

Scammers are a common problem these days, whether its by phone, email, post or knocking on your front door. They will try anything. Lately Pender Accounting Group has been receiving, a higher than usual, amount of calls regarding the legitimacy of emails and phone calls. We urge all our clients to keep their personal information secure and to report any … Read More

Walker PenderScam Alerts

Running Your Business From Home

If you own, lease or rent property used for business purposes – whether commercial premises like a shop or office, or even your own home – you must include any rental income in your tax return, you can claim income tax deductions for some property expenses and you will be liable for capital gains tax on any capital gain if you … Read More

Walker PenderRunning Your Business From Home

What Happens To My Superannuation When I Die?

When someone passes away it can be a tough time for the family emotionally and financially. Disputes over money can drive families apart. Superannuation is becoming our largest asset. It is a complex form of property and no less so on death. Spend a few minutes completing the form saying where your super should go if you die. This will … Read More

Walker PenderWhat Happens To My Superannuation When I Die?

New Depreciation Legislation For Australian Property Investors

In one of the most dramatic changes to property depreciation legislation in more than 15 years, Parliament has passed the Treasury Laws Amendment (Housing Tax Integrity) Bill 2017 as at Wednesday 15th November 2017, with the Bill now legislation. This means owners of second-hand residential properties (after 7:30pm on the 9th of May 2017) can not claim depreciation on plant and … Read More

Walker PenderNew Depreciation Legislation For Australian Property Investors

A Will Can Now Be A Text Message

In a recent well publicised Court decision, the Court in Queensland determined that a Will made by text message was valid and enforceable. This was after a costly and contested Court battle. Historically, Wills were made with great formality, had to be properly witnessed and the requirements for completion of the Will, including the signing and witnessing of it were strictly enforced. … Read More

Walker PenderA Will Can Now Be A Text Message


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